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andy burnham in bolton west


The Labour candidate for Bolton West in the General Election 2017 is Julie Hilling, who served so brilliantly as an MP. During her time representing the residents of Bolton West she undertook over 10,000 pieces of case work, showing an extraordinary dedication to local people.

As one woman said to us recently, when we’d knocked on her door whilst campaigning. “I like Julie, she’s one of us”.

She was joined at the campaign launch by Andy Burnham, fresh from his wonderful victory in the Great Manchester election to elect a mayor.

We are determined to get Julie elected again, so that she can be there for all of you in Westminster, making her voice heard as we strive to reverse the privatisation of the NHS, stop the cuts to school funding, and protect the vulnerable who live amongst our own neighbourhoods.

It’s a time to invest in our future, not cut back on our hopes.

We’re looking forward to meeting you as we visit as many of the 45,000 homes in the constituency as we can. There’s a contact link in the menu bar at the top of this page, so please get in touch if you have any questions.

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